I have been studying the nature of the Honeybee through unconventional ways, using holistic methods and the lunar cycle since 2011. Little Bee apiary came to life in 2014, after a few years of transformation and following a path that allows these special creatures to live in as close to nature as possible. Within the last couple years, my research has gone deeper. I am intrigued by ancient cultures and mythical aspects that surround the honeybee, as well as the connection between the hive and feminine energy.

My studies continue as I embark on teachings inspired by The Path of Pollen (APIS SOPHIA & L'ANDROGYNE ALCHIMIQUE ) in France, ancient shamanic studies guided by the Honeybee as an ally-motif and womb-centric traditions. I have also traveled to England to begin studies at the Sacred Trust attending The Way of the Melissae training workshop.

During this transition and learning through a more shamanic way with the bee, I will be restructuring my services offering ways to connect deeper with nature.

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My body care line will use any extra beeswax making candles, body creams, lip balms and also include a healing propolis tincture. Honey will be offered sparingly. Workshops will be determined, stay tuned. 

Sha-Na Dahl littlebeeapiary@gmail.com